Public Jabber Chat rooms

Christopher Muclumbus: A listing of public XMPP/Jabber chat rooms/groups.

Documentation for Service Operators

Domain listing criteria

There are no criteria for a domain to be included in the crawl, except that we need to know about it. If rooms from your domain are not listed and you want them to be listed, follow the instructions in the documentation for owners to get a public room from your domain listed. The next crawl will then include all rooms published by your service.

If rooms from your domain are still not included, ensure that your service actually does list public rooms in a disco#items request as per the relevant section in XEP-0045 (Multi User Chat). If you are sure this is the case and your rooms have not been included in the listing 24 hours after your invitation, please get in touch.

Domain delisting

If you are the owner of a domain and want it to be completely excluded from the listing, please get in touch. Be prepared to provide proof that you are the owner of the domain. A good (zero-roundtrip) way to do so is to contact us from an XMPP address which is listed in your service’s contact addresses.

Domains which have not been reachable for more than seven days will be delisted automatically, including all of their rooms.


We crawl all known domains for public rooms approximately once per hour. In addition, we query all rooms we know for their meta-information in a similar rhythm. We rate-limit our requests and shuffle the list of rooms to spread the load evenly across the time window.

If you still find that we cause too much traffic on your domain, please get in touch (see above). We can work out to reduce the frequency for your domain or apply other means.


In order to provide your room owners with optimal integration, we suggest that you update your server software to the latest release. Below is a table of features and the required server software versions (to the best of our knowledge):

Feature Prosody ejabberd
Persistent rooms
muc#roomconfig_persistentroom option, muc_persistent flag
supported supported
Public rooms
muc#roomconfig_publicroom option, muc_public flag
supported supported
Name and description
muc#roomconfig_roomname option, muc#roomconfig_roomdesc option
supported supported
Room language
muc#roomconfig_lang option
  • ≥0.10, <0.11: with mod_muc_lang
  • ≥0.11: supported