Public Jabber Chat rooms

Christopher Muclumbus: A listing of public XMPP/Jabber chat rooms/groups.

Terms of Service

This service is provided as-is. We cannot provide guarantees about the completeness, correctness, availability or any other property of the data herein.

We do operate this service in our free time. The goal is to provide a usable list of public rooms. Thus, we may, at our discretion, remove rooms from the listing we deem counter-productive to this goal. Due to the maintenance overhead of such a decision, we won’t do this lightly.

Examples of rooms we may blacklist:

  • A room which has a description which is obviously planning to deface public listings.
  • A room or group of rooms or a domain which pushes its ranking with the use of many automated entities or fake information.

We reserve the right to exclude individual rooms or entire (groups of) domains from the listing as we deem fit. We also reserve the right to limit access to the web- or XMPP based interfaces to query the listing.

Please also observe our Privacy Policy.